Midwest Bullshit E​.​P.

by Meth Dealer

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released April 19, 2014

Recorded at Seventh Sounds studios February 2014 by Brad Tuttle
Mixing and Mastering through Brad Tuttle Seventh Sounds Studios
50 cassettes released though Advent Records

All members of Meth Dealer were extremely high on Blue Sky during the writing, and recording process of this EP.



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Meth Dealer Decatur, Illinois

Central IL

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Track Name: Brushed Aside
Your talents brushed aside on every wasted lie youre full of fucking shit and i can see it in you eyes no body gives a fuck what you have to say I'm so sick of you goddamn games hold yourself to a standard you will never be you'll always just be a fucking fool to me
Track Name: Astray
Get off your knees fucking makes me sick praying for life instead of living it been led astray by a lamb without a light in the dark using your faith to push profits youre not a saving grace. Walking down your righteous path is not whats right for me I'll never put any faith in something I wont see walking down your righteous path was never meant for me I'll never hokd any faith in who abandoned me.
Track Name: Scenecore
Every single one of you is full of shit. You talk the hardest mosh the hardest and your nothing but a bitch. Im sick of every contest in your bullshit scene. lose the fucking uniform and stay the fuck away from me.
Track Name: Distraction Methods
I refuse to tread down any path you follow the snorting and smoking has left you hollow, what happened to your iron will? what happened to your pride? you fucking gave it up and I watched you die inside. You lost sight of who you used to be. your sobriety is now a blurry memory. snorting anything that you fucking find just to numb the pain welling up inside.
Track Name: Torment
Breaking at the bend theres no coming back from this choosing to conform your fucking full of shit exsisting to please theres no coming back forgotten and fallen its put my mind at ease it was torment it was pain it has been laid to rest
Track Name: Shitstain
youre drifting ceasing to exist your breaking your back, and youre breaking bonds and before you know it youre fucking gone sitting on your high horse bound to get knocked off, don't come searching when you get fucking lost your actions force you to pay the fucking cost